Zeal Loyalty Pak

Some people feel better in 30 minutes... some need a little more time to notice the benefits. Give your body a chance to feel the zeal.  

Backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, Our Zeal Loyalty Pak includes a 30-Day supply Zeal canister and 12 Zeal single-serving bottles each month. Your initial order is $89.95 but all following monthly orders are only $64.95 and you can cancel at any time. This means your monthly 12 single-serving bottles will be FREE!

Choose a MIXED pak that contains a canister of your choice and 12 mixed single-serving bottles that include all our flavors (2 Bold Grape, 2 Tropic Dream, 2 Wild Berry, 2 Wild Berry Classic, 2 Kiwi Watermelon and 2 Lemon Lime)

Or choose a MATCHED pak where the canister and the 12 single-serving bottles are all your same favorite flavor.

**Please Note: Guarana Free is not available in single-serving bottles so orders for Guarana Free canisters come with single-serving bottles that contain Guarana.



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