My Sore Back, Powerful Patches & Miracle Medicine

A month back I volunteered at a food bank—Coronavirus shutdown was getting me down and I wanted to do something worthwhile while I had all this extra time. My last week there, the project of the week was redesigning and reorganizing the entire meat locker. If you've never had to move large amounts of meat at once, I can tell you that:

  1. Boxes of meat run very heavy, and
  2. Meat lockers have a LOT of meat-boxes in them.

So I did that for some hours (helped by a much older gentleman and one other young man so it was very manageable) and then the food bank shut down for the day.

The next day, I hurt bad. Pain all over all my limbs. I could stand and move around, but it hurt to do so. Today I was supposed to be finishing the job, but I feared that I'd fail to be helpful to anyone that day.

Then I decided to give something a try--something my parents had been raving about for the last couple weeks.


LifeWave patches, developed by Dr. David Schmidt and produced and sold by LifeWave, claim to possess a series of powerful health benefits without addiction or adverse side effects.

Skeptic? That's healthy. I'm not going to completely recreate all the data and arguments for its validity here. Rather, if you want to investigate all these claims, several credible resources, articles on on Dr. Schmidt and studies on LifeWave products will be linked at the bottom.

Lifewave takes advantage of a recent breakthrough discovery: very specific wavelengths in the infrared light spectrum can stimulate our cells to boost production of certain biochemicals.

To harness this feature, Schmidt and his team created patches of 'organic elements' that can absorb the infrared light our bodies naturally produce, and then reflect back the specific wavelengths to produce various effects.

Their most prominent example is the X39 patch. If you follow health science you've probably heard of stem cells, the wondrous micro-material our fetus's are made from that can specialize into any other type of cell. You've probably also heard that those cells for the most part go away as we age.

And that's all true. Our stem cells go dormant over time, which is what causes a lot of the effects associated with age. The X39 patch, however, has the ability to reactivate our existing stem cells, making them replicate and go back to work.

Its about as close as you can get to the fountain of youth.

The X39 patch restores vital chemicals and peptides (the most notable is the peptide being GHK-Cu, which I'll get more in-depth with in a later post) to their youthful levels. This allows us to heal wounds like we were twenty, have greater energy, it reduces pain and anxiety, it prevents organ damage, and revitalizes our skin.

That's about a tenth of the very lengthy benefit list that the LifeWave corporation provides in their product demonstration booklet. It should be noted that every sub-section of their booklet comes with about two pages of cited studies and articles.

Dr. Schmidt has succeeded in doing what thousands of 'doctors' have failed to do (if they ever even attempted it), he has created a miracle-product that can optimize physical health in a wide and potent variety of ways.

So the question on your mind is: "Well that sounds great, I'd like to feel a little better in my own skin, I'd like to stop feeling so darn achey when I get home from work. But I've tried all sorts of stuff before, and I'm still hurting. So does this work?"

The answer I'm giving you, is Yes! And I can throw a series of links at you, and give you all kind of anecdotes and data proving myself (and I will). But I want to tell you on a personal level how well this works.

I told my parents of my aches, and they gave me a couple of patches and showed me where to put them. Ten minutes later it didn't hurt to stand. I was fresh and energetic, and had no trouble with that day's work. That meat locker never looked better!

In another example, LifeWave offers patches that boost melatonin to provide better sleep. My sleep quality skyrocketed when I used to be low-key insomniac. (But that’s another story)

These patches do work, at the very least they're worth a try because the difference is real and significant. Maybe they don't keep you alive forever, but they are definitely a miracle of science.

Alright, time for resources:

Lifewave has a series of studies where you can see their dedication to legitimacy in that they're waiting to publish some of their studies until they can be properly reviewed.

This study deals in the claim of infrared light affecting the body:

I want to specifically point out this study:

and this one:

The first follows a team of athletes in Monroe College and tracks their improvements after using X39, the second tracks sleep quality improvements on their melatonin patches. These are on the shorter side for studies so they're an easy digest.

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